Who Is Wearing The “Tux” ?

Chad Spencer is the man in the Tux, literally he is the man inside of Tux the WBS Penguins mascot. Chad took over the position of the Penguins mascot back in May of 2006 and in his own words “has loved every minute if it since”.

Photo Credit - wbspenguins.com

Photo Credit – wbspenguins.com

If you have ever been to a WBS Penguins home game there is no way you could have missed him. Tux is always walking around the arena prior to the game giving high fives or standing in the window of the team store acting like a manikin waiting to scare an unsuspecting passerby.

He is a one of a kind character here in WBS and a great mascot for our team recently he was featured in a special for Hulu and Hulu Plus called behind the mask. Behind the mask was released this past October but started filming last year. On several occasions, they would fly out from LA and film like crazy. Chad flew out to LA a couple of times to help with some scenes and the reunion show and then again to attend the premier.

Well by now you know who Tux is what he does and where to find him on game night, now to learn a little more about the man who wears the “Tux”.

Q) What was it that inspired you to become a mascot? And would you have become a mascot anywhere?

I was always an actor… Performing at my family functions ranging from skits, magic shows, dances and such. Loved receiving that attention from my family! Really just thought my first mascot gig was going to get me into the hockey game to see it free and make some money doing it, like $50.00 a game, I thought I would have the best seat in the house as well! Little did I know I would love it as much as I did. Turned out I was pretty good at it too! I googled mascots one day wondering who the best…was A few came up that really caught my attention. The original Philly Phanatic, Harvey the Hound And the San Diego Chicken. All of which I felt an immediate connection with who did the same kind of things I liked doing.

I don’t think I could have been a mascot anywhere else, I believe God helped me get here. I was working factory shift work when mascotting fell into my lap and I believed in it enough to commit 100% of my life to it, sacrifices included :-(

Q) How many dance classes did you actually take to enhance your character?

My Mother taught me to dance! She was a beautiful country singer with a record out singing at bars across Canada, when I was a young boy, I learned to dance standing on her feet! Two stepping was my first dance and I loved it. Once old enough and had entered The US Navy, I would go to country bars just to go line dance and pick up the girls every weekend.

Q) What was your most frustrating moment to date as Tux? Likewise what was your most memorable moment?

Most frustrating moment losing in the playoffs from a game we were up 3-0 and getting knocked out with a score of 3-4 in the game. So close to that Calder cup!
Most memorable Behind the mask! Or beating providence in game 7 a few years back was awesome too!!
I have great moments in the suit all the time though.
Q) Do you have more than one Tux outfit or are all those costumes just items you put on?

I have 3 full costumes of tux now, but I add wigs, hats whatever I can to change it up from time to time.

Q) When shooting behind the mask what was your feeling about the entire process and can you tell us your favorite episode & why?

I was concerned with how they would portray me of course and the mascot community. Seeing it now I am happy they gave much respect with the storytelling of the craft. I think they did a fantastic job on it!

Q) Do you have any type of game day ritual? Can you walk us through a general game day what you do?

A game day is like any other day for me; I work some days up to 4-5 appearances before the game. Last week I had two parades on a game day… Whew! I try to eat some carbs a few hours before the game. When I get to the arena 2-3 hours before a game, I like to set everything up I need for that game and get it all ready to go, I always do a walk through the arena and chat with the ushers and volunteers.

Q) Do you find it hard to function in costume as far as skating or navigating the arena stairs?

Walking and skating in the suit is a learned process which is really hard to make look like its smooth for Tux to roam around that arena, I know that arena almost blindfolded. It feels weird when I go in the stands without my head on lol.

Q) What is your favorite activity at the arena on game night?

Favorite activity would be dancing to our goal song! Other than that I really like the ring toss which I picked up from Dave Raymond.

Q) If you weren’t Tux what would you be doing now as far as your dream job?

If I wasn’t Tux??? I would be Harvey The Hound with the Flames or I really think I would really rock the Philly Phanatic costume!

Q) And our last question is always the same, if you could say one thing to the WBS Penguin fans what would it be?

I would tell the fans to keep supporting the Penguins they way you do!! You are the Best fans a team could ask for!

Well there you have it fans some of the very questions you wanted to know the answers to and maybe even some that you never thought of asking. Maybe you learned some things about Chad “Tux” or maybe just have a new respect for what it is he does for our team and at our arena.

We at PensFans4Ever would like to thank Chad for taking time out of his busy day to give us a glimpse inside of what makes the man who wears the “Tux” tick.

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