Local Player Patrick McGrath Doing Well For Himself

Wilkes-Barre's own Patrick McGrath takes on Frederick Roy -PensFans4Ever File Photo

Wilkes-Barre’s own Patrick McGrath takes on Frederick Roy -PensFans4Ever File Photo

Patrick Magrath is a local boy from the Shavertown area one of our first homegrown hockey players if you will. In 2011- 12 Patrick played for the  Summerside Western Capitals  of the MHL where he had one goal and three assists and amounted 186 penalty minutes in 21 games played . Patrick also played for the Prince Edward Island Rockets from 2011-13,  in the 72 games he played he had 1 goal and 1 assist and tallied 229 PIMS.

Patrick played for the WBS Penguins during the preseason and has since traveled down to Wheeling where on October 5th 2013 he scored his first career goal in Wheeling. One thing for sure he is well liked here at home and we would love t see him on our ice again, I am sure his entire family feels the same way as we do.

Enough of the babbling let’s get to the questions you all want to know.

Q) Since the Wilkes-Barre area is your hometown can you tell us how it felt to step on the ice for the first time in the Mohegan Sun Arena? And do you have any idea how many family members you had on hand for the game?

A) It felt like I was at home haha it was a gret feeling though very exciting and surreal

Q) When did you first become interested in ice hockey and at what age did you become serious about perusing it as a career?

A) I started playing with my brother and his friends in a house league when I was about 6 and got serious about it when I was about 12

 Q) If you weren’t playing hockey what would be your dream job and why?

A) If I wasn’t playing hockey I’d say my dream job would be a sports psychologist   

Q) Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you do on or before game day and have you ever changed them?

A) I don’t really have any crazy rituals I put initials on my stick at the top, and put the left side of my gear on first. I’d say that ones more of a habit

Q) If you could choose one player to model yourself after who would it be and why?

A) Player i model myself after i don’t know about that one I think each guy kinda has there own things they do that make them the player they are   

Q) Is there one point in your career so far that you can say is the most memorable and please tell us what this moment meant to you and why.

A) Most memorable moment so far would definitely be when I got to hug my parents and 2 brothers after I played in WBS. Because they are always there for me. No matter what the case may have been getting to that point   

Q) If you could play in any arena  what one would it be and why? And do you have a favorite arena you have played in to this date?

A) If I could play in any arena it have to be anyone in the nhl haha and my favorite one I’ve played in so far is the one in my backyard Mohegan sun arena for sure

Q) What kind of stick do you use and can you tell us why you use it and if there is any special way you tape it (since most players have a certain tape or taping they like)

A) I use a CCM Taylor made RBZ stage 2. I tape it with white tape and toe to heel

Q) Where is your favorite place to eat when you are home (restaurant not home cooking because we all know mow’s is best in this case)

A) Favorite place to eat at home would have to be Dino’s pizza and amelias diner both are top spots

Q) And our last question is always the same, If you could say one thing to the fans here in Wilkes-barre what would it be?

A) Thanks for all the support!!

We at PensFans4Ever would like to take this time to thank Patrick for taking time out of his day to answer a few questions for us, we would also like to pass along an insight from Jonathan Bombulie. to quote JB he said that Patrick plays with a lot of heart and no fear and should do well for himself, he went on to say that he would love to see him playing at our arena in Wilkes-Barre as would we.

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