Nailers Announce Season-Ending Roster

Today, the Wheeling Nailers announced their season ending roster. Season ending rosters can contain a maximum of 20 players. Of those 20, no more than 8 can be extended qualifying offers. Of the 8 qualifying offers, only 4 of those can have “Veteran Status”. (Veteran Status is defined as 260 regular season professional games as of the start of 2013-14)

The list is as follows: Scott Darling, Gentry Zollars, Joe Tolles, Alex Velischek, Tim Corcoran, Zach Hansen, Adam Ross, Todd Orlando, Andrew Hotham, Peter Merth, Zack Torquato, Peter Lenes, Matt Germain, Cam Fergus, Chris Barton, Jeff Ryan, Chris Rooney, Chris Higgins, Christiaan Minella and Paul Crowder.

Not making the cut from the Nailers’ protected list were: D Cody Wild, D Richie Crowley, F Bobby Farnham, F Jordy Trottier, F Ben Farrer, F Denver Manderson and F Cody Chupp

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