WBS Drops 2 Games To 0 In Best Of 7 Series Against Bruins

Tonight’s game between the WBS Penguins and the Providence Bruins got of to a rocky start for WBS, the Bruins seemed to be winning the offensive battles early taking two faceoff’s clean but the WBS Penguins would draw the first power play looking to get some good MOJO going up in Providence. Pens get some great chances on the first power play but can’t convert.

Joey Mormina takes a roughing penalty putting the Bruins on their first power play of the game , but it would be the Penguins getting the goal thats right a short handed goal by Warren Peters Penguins take an early lead 1-0. Then Samuelsson goes for a slash putting Providence on a 5 on 3 and they take full advantage of it scoring a 5 on 3 power play goal making it even at one each.

WBS’s misfortune continued after the penalties as they are caught sleeping  and let Bourque come to the net unattended and guess what happens, Bruins up 2-1. Gibbons would get called for a hook sending him to the bin giving the Bruins another chance to put points between the two teams. Gibbons heads right back to the bin after getting out for a trip putting WBS oin the PK once again for the first period, not a good thing, and making it worse the Bruins scored making it 3-1 nearing the end of the first period. Chris Bourque gets a tap in goal on a point shot beating Zatkoff at the end of the first making it a 4 point period for the Bruins now leading the Pens 4-1.

As we tweeted to our followers at the end of the first period Brad Thiessen took his place in net for the second period Zatkoff to his position on the bench, didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that coming. WBS gets it’s second power play of the game as the game heads into the second half of regulation, WBS still trailing by three converts cutting the Bruins lead in half. Thats where the second period would end the Penguins cutting the Bruins lead in half and playing a more disciplined period in front of Brad Thiessen.

Third period got off to a good start Penguins starting to pick it up a bit then Peters hits  Trotman and goes down gets up  woozy and gets helped off the ice by his teammates. WBS and Providence both get called for matching minors creating some 4 on 4 hockey neither side capitalizes on it the  Samuelsson would get called for a charge putting the Bruins on the power play, but WBS would just about kill it then take a high stick penalty as they tried to swipe a rebound into the goal hitting Svedberg.

The WBS Penguins have settled down and picked up at the same time out working the Bruins but still down 4-2 deep in the third frame, WBS gets a glorious power play chance giving them the chance to pull within one goal with under six minutes to play in this match. Providence kills the Pens chance and holds on for the win, taking game two round 2 with a score of 4-2 and bringing game three back to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton on Wed., May 15th.

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