Penguins Zero Crunch Won

The Penguins headed north on 81 today to a place called Syracuse to take in a team called the Crunch. At first glance you would think our boys were ready to go but you would soon understand that wasn’t the fact. The Crunch seemed to have our number from the very beginning. WBS had one power play this period I don’t think they even got a shot on net, the only good points about the first period was the PK holding and time winding to 00:00.

Things didn’t really get better from the end of the first to the beginning of the second Syracuse scores Philip-Michael Devos puts one past Zatkoff giving his team a 1-0 lead then off the face they nearly score again as the Penguins looked flat. Penguins take a time out to regroup but did it do any good?

Well lets say it did Adam Payerl puts a shot on net then tries to go with J-P Cote but the linesmen are there before anything gets started. The Pens seemed to pick up the pace a little but just couldn’t get it right ending the second down by just one.

WBS Penguins came out for the third looking better than they did all game getting some great chances but it was a little late Desjardins held his ground and his teams lead beating the Penguins one to nothing spoiling the boys trip to Syracuse.

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