Penguins Make Shark Bait Beating Worcester 5-3

Tonight the WBS Penguins took on the Worcester Sharks and were determined to get the win  seeing how the first of the last two meetings went the Sharks way. WBS looked good right off the start but it seemed to go both ways It wasnt until later in the period that things would open up, WBS Penguins get a 5 on three for 1:23 and the boys get some good mojo flowing that’s when Dylan Reese lights the lamp giving the WBS Penguins a 1-0 lead still looking at 53 seconds left on the power play.

Kalorick comes out flying almost puts one home right off the start. Penguins get a second goal in the top of the second period as Riley Holzapfel getting a nice pass to Chad Kalorick who puts it home then just after the faceoff Joey Mormina let’s go a slap shot and Paul Thompson deflects it making it 3-0 WBS.

Then just off the face off the sharks put it past Brad Thiessen making it 3-1. Sharks almost score again on the next face off but Thiessen holds the line taking a skate to the head , penguins would draw a penalty on that play as Collins sits for a rough.

With less than minutes in the second Riley Holzapfel gets a good bounce and sweeps it in to make the score 4-1 now with 3:25 left in the second.

There was a lot of action this period both sides really going at it penguins giving up a few more power plays bit killing them off so not so bad maybe? Safe to say second period ended with the WBS Penguins leading 4-1.

Early in the third period James Livingston puts one on net surprising Thiessen making it 4-2 cutting the Penguins lead in half.  Don’t know if the last goal took the wind out of the Penguins sail or they are just flat but they don’t seem to up to par this period. Just to make things worse for the Pens  Jon Matsumoto puts one through traffic past Thiessen bringing the Sharks within one goal of the Pens now 4-3.

As the game was wearing down the Penguins seemed to get called for tying their shoes the wrong way but sometime you will have these things, giving the sharks ample chances to even the score even a 6 on 4 as they pulled Sateri. But try as they may the Penguins stood tall brad Thiessen making for circus saves keeping his team alive, then   Warren Peters would win the face off and shoot it into the empty net making it 5-3 at that would be that Penguins with the W.

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