Bruins Ruin Pens First Stop

The WBS Penguins took on the Providence Bruins tonight starting out on a seven game road trip taking them from Providence to Manchester and points inbetween.

Lets just say the first period wasn’t one of our best but then again it wasn’t the best for the Bruins either. WBS had three power plays during the firs the Bruins one neither team converted, as shots go the period ended both sides getting only three shots on net.

Second period action, well there was a lot of action but not a lot of action too if thats how you want to say it. Zach Sill dropped the gloves with Tyler Randell. Have to give this one to Randell. Thompson and Cohen did a dance score that one even? Too close to call it

Bobby Farnham found a dance partner with David Warsofsky, then Minella did a tango with Kevan Miller thats a lot of action for this period as i said nut there was lack of action in the way of goals. The second period would end both teams still looking at goose eggs on the scoreboard.

It wouldn’t be until the third period that the score would change but it wouldn’t be in favor of the Penguins, it would be a power play goal scored by the Bruins Craig Cunningham that would break the scoring silence the Penguins now looking at a one point deficit. WBS gets a great chance on the power play to even things up but just can’t find the recipe.

Providence would strike again coming in on a three on two now 2-0 Bruins. Hynes pulled Zatkoff but that didn’t help the Pens score. All things being even you definitely need a solid goal tender but if your offense isn’t there the goalie can’t score for you.

That would be the game for the Pens, Providence winning 2-0 getting the Penguins off to a not so good start on this long road trip

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